dsgleft.jpgBorgWarner is now in final stages of developing a new dual-clutch transmission targetted at small fuel efficient economical cars, especially for use in developing markets like China, India and South East Asia. The new dual clutch transmission has significantly reduced complexity, thus reducing cost.

“Drivers in developing markets like China and India are looking for the ease of using an automatic transmission in an affordable vehicle. Up until now, the complexity and cost of automatic transmissions made it impractical to package this option in smaller cars. With BorgWarner’s new design, we can deliver the responsive, fuel-efficient, fun-to drive characteristics of a dual-clutch transmission in a smaller, more affordable package. The unique architecture of our compact dual-clutch transmission is expected to expand the use of automatic transmissions in emerging markets. Test results with this transmission indicate a 13% fuel efficiency improvement, better top-end speed and a significant improvement in acceleration over automatic transmissions currently in production,” says Dr. Bernd Matthes, President and General Manager of BorgWarner Transmission Systems.

A production implementation of this new dual clutch transmission is expected to be seen in 2 to 3 years time.

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