Typically in-car GPS navigation systems have been limited to showing instructions on a centrally mounted LCD display, and most modern systems also have voice navigation. Some car companies like BMW have started to display GPS navigation instructions on a heads-up display.

An American company called Making Virtual Solid LLC has another idea. It’s called a Virtual Cable(TM) display. It projects a 3D red virtual cable onto your field of vision, and to get to your destination all you have to do is follow the the cable. You will find some videos of how this looks like after the jump, but MVS LLC says in reality the cable is much more realistic – there’s just so much a two dimensional video can show you.

More information on the Virtual Cable(TM) is available by visiting MVS’s website. You can view three demonstration videos after the jump.

Video: MVS Virtual Cable – Highway

Video: MVS Virtual Cable – Highway Night

Video: MVS Virtual Cable – Intersection