Hyundai Avante Hybrid

Hyundai has revealed that a gasoline-electric hybrid version of the Avante will be launched in 2010, followed by larger hybrid vehicles. But before that, Hyundai will be launching a Hyundai Avante Hybrid (or Hyundai Elantra Hybrid) in the Korean market next year.

The 2009 car will run on a hybrid system that combines a combustion engine fueled by LPG instead of petrol. The electric motor will be powered by lithium ion batteries. Sales of at least 50,000 units annually are expected in Korea alone.

Kah Bintang is currently marketing the Elantra based on fuel economy. If the Malaysian government amends tax structures to encourage the use of hybrid vehicles, there is a possibility that the Elantra Hybrid will make a debut in our local market. More details to be posted when the car is launched in Korea.