Fuel-Wallet GaugeThe Prime Minister has announced that the prices for RON97, RON92 and diesel fuel will receive small reductions of between 8 to 22 sen as of tomorrow.

With the new price structure, RON92 is now cheaper than diesel fuel. You may want to pump that if your car allows it. It was previously 4 sen more expensive than diesel fuel.

With diesel so expensive now, when is Malaysian diesel going to be upgraded to modern standards instead of the current MS123 standard?

The following are the new prices:

Fuel Old Price Reduction New Price
RON97 RM2.70 RM0.15 RM2.55
RON92 RM2.62 RM0.22 RM2.40
Diesel RM2.58 RM0.08 RM2.50
V-Power RM3.15 RM0.10 RM3.05

I’ll believe it when I see it at the pumps.