Fiat Bravo GT

A 2nd variant of the Bravo GT has been unveiled for the Malaysian market. Yes, we’re talking about the Fiat Bravo GT, not the other Bravo GT back from the 1990s.

This version comes with an automated manual version of the 6-speed gearbox called the Duologic gearbox instead of a proper slushbox, which means its a regular manual but with a robotised clutch to do all the shifting for you. For this, the Bravo GT manual’s RM 135,000 OTR without insurance price tag gets bumped up to RM 145,000.

The original Bravo GT manual (with 150 PS at 5,500rpm and 206Nm of torque at 2,250rpm) used to look attractive before the 308 Turbo came about, now it actually feels a little pricey considering another European turbocharged C-segment hatch is only pegged at RM 111,000 (though its CBU versus CKD), though this is expected to increase in price soon slightly, but will come with an upgraded equipment level as well.

Each has its own charms of course, but I say, it would be terrific if that extra equipment that’s coming with the 308 Turbo is the glass roof from the 308 GT as it does wonders to the cabin ambiance. Read our very short first impressions of the Bravo GT 1.4 T-JET manual from 2007 in the related link listed below.

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