Jaguar XFR

The Jaguar XFR is now here in Malaysia, featuring the new AJ-V8 Gen III (AJ133) engine that produces 510 PS and 625Nm of torque. Jaguar did alot of shouting when the XFR was first released, claiming it was the fastest Jaguar ever based on the top speed of 363.188km/h recorded at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats.

And how much would you have to pay for one of these? RM888,888 OTR without insurance. Now what else can you get in Malaysia for that money? Two cars come to mind – the BMW M5, and the Brabus S B7 which is a tuned up W221 S350 S-Class. The XFR is definitely a looker in the metal and in photos as well, and the engine sound even at idle really stirs up some adrenaline.

That exhaust system is really some good work on Jaguar’s part, and even just teasing the engine with some light revs produce a real beautiful induction and exhaust sound, which I’m sure everyone at the Pavilion tonight enjoyed. Supercharged V8s seem to maintain that amazing way they sound, while a turbocharger in the middle of the exhaust stream seem to screw around with the engine note a little.

Jaguar XKR

SISMA Auto also unveiled the latest Jaguar XKR today, which gets the Jaguar Drive Selector knob from the XJ and the same 510 PS and 625Nm engine as the XFR. The XKR goes for RM1,088,888 for the coupe and for the convertible there is a premium of RM150k, so it retails at RM1,158,888.

For now these figures definitely beat the BMW M5’s but I have a feeling they might fall short once the F10 M5 is out, since the X5-M and X6-M already have a 555 PS engine. But with both BMW and Jaguar’s monster engines featuring forced induction it should be much easier to wring more power out of them anytime.

Look after the jump for more photos I snapped at the launch event.

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