Devon GTX

American company Devon Motorworks had originally made a US$5.5 million bid to Chrysler to buy over the Dodge Viper and everything to do with it so it could use its platform to build a new supercar. Devon Motorworks owner is the same guy who runs frozen food company Cole’s. It lost the bid (Chrysler was actually asking for at least US$10 million), but nevermind that – the new supercar became a reality anyway.

The car you see above is the Devon Motorworks GTX which it calls a supercar, and Devon claims that it had set a 1:35.075 laptime at the Laguna Seca raceway in California, beating the Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911 Turbo’s 1:39.62 and 1:39.89 laptimes respectively. The company also intends to beat the Nurburgring lap record with this car sometime in the future.

Not sure what platform the car is riding on – the company may have ended up licensing the Viper platform or some other platform or maybe even built their own? We don’t even know what kind of engine the car is running.

What we do know is the price – US$500,000! There’s also an optional “Racing Package” that goes for US$25,000. You can place a pre-order with US$25,000 and then pony up another US$175,000 upon order confirmation. The balance of US$300,000 is due on delivery.

These photos you see here are just rendering but a prototype of the car will be shown at Pebble Beach today. It was designed by Swedish designer Daniel Paulin, who has penned cars such as the Ford Focus C-Max. From MPVs to a supercar, not bad.

VIDEO: The Devon GTX at the Laguna Seca

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