Wanna know what the latest fad in Japan is when it comes to concept cars? Putting really funky doors on what are essentially very stylish people movers.

The Honda Skydeck had scissor doors in addition to its rear sliding doors, and this new Subaru concept called the Subaru Hybrid Tourer has twin gullwing doors! Apparently the designers penned the concept after imagining “wings of freedom” giving its driver and his family a feeling of freedom and confidence in driving the vehicle.


Taking a cue from the 5-Series GT, the Subaru Hybrid Tourer seats only four. With these new ‘tourer’ vehicles the seats are limited but each seat is supposed to do its job really well – we’re talking about the best padding, legroom and entertainment that money can buy (in whatever pricerange the car is in of course). Subaru takes the driver’s comfort one step ahead by letting the top of the dashboard be movable up and down according to the driver’s wants.

I’ve heard of seats being adjustable infinite ways but never of an adjustable dashboard! Or at least that’s what the press release says as Subaru doesn’t exactly have any videos of how it works. Maybe they’ll release more nearer to the motorshow.


Under the hood is naturally a boxer engine – it’s a real Subaru after all isn;t it? There’s also symmetrical all-wheel drive, another Subaru trademark. The boxer engine is turbocharged and of a 2.0 litre displacement. It also has direct fuel injection. The turbo-boxer is mated to a Lineartronic CVT. But that’s not where it stops – the boxer engine is only one part of a hybrid powertrain that complements the combustion engine with another two motors.

One 10kW power/drive motor is at the front together with the engine while there is another 20kW drive motor at the rear. At start-up and slow speeds, the rear drive motor is used primarily to move the vehicle while the combustion engine stays shut off. Under normal driving, the primary power source is the combustion engine. Then when there is extra power needed, the rear motor kicks in. Finally, at maximum power needs, the front motor kicks in.


At other times the front motor functions primarily as a power generator, charging a lithium ion battery that powers the motors. There’s also auto start-stop and brake energy regeneration.

The styling looks pretty appealing actually, though I can see some hints of Audi at the rear. Look after the jump for the initially released photos of the concept.

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