Goodyear DuraplusGoodyear’s Duraplus giveaway which was held before the Raya holidays this year had received tremendous response from blog readers. In fact, there were so many entries that Goodyear had felt deserving that they decided to increase the prizes from one set of tyres to four sets.

Now Goodyear has decided to open up the giveaway again. Here is how you can win one out of four sets of Goodyear Duraplus tyres that are to be given away:

  1. Snap photos of your current tyres to show that you need a change of new tyres.
  2. Give your best reason to change to a set of Goodyear Duraplus tyres!

Send me the photos, your required tyre size and reason to my email at Send your entries in by the 18th of November 2009. Goodyear will pick the winners. You can have a look at the previous round of winners to have an idea of what kind of entries are likely to be picked. Here’s a table of all available sizes as well as their recommended retail price per tyre:

Goodyear Duraplus

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