A Hyundai i30 painted in North Korean colours? We’re looking at a collectors item here! The picture above shows 33 Hyundai i30s painted in the national colours of the 32 nations qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, including one with all the flags on it. Since North Korea, neighbour and warring enemy of South Korea (where Hyundai is based) is one of the nations travelling to South Africa for the football showpiece next year, the Communist country gets its own customised i30!

It may be 190 days until the World Cup kicks off, but Hyundai is keen to milk its status as the official Automotive Partner of the global football fest. The “i30 World Cup tour” has stopped at Hyundai retailers around Europe, meeting thousands of football fans along the way. After circling London over the weekend, the convoy is now making its way to Holland for the next pitstop.

Here in Malaysia, we are also currently circling the city with the Hyundai i30, so look out for the test drive report coming up soon!