Skoda Fabia
A Fabia “Plus” or a Fabia Sedan soon?

Skoda is planning a new model to fit between the compact Fabia hatchback (Polo based) and the Octavia sedan (Jetta, Golf based). The new vehicle has been given a codename of A Entry for now and the focus would be to price it affordably – around US$13,650. The new model will be aimed at lower income customers looking for a larger family car than what a typical Fabia-class vehicle would offer.

I am guessing that would only mean a new small sedan based on the Fabia platform, perhaps with the wheelbase lengthened a little. As it is, Volkswagen makes a sedan version of the Polo for certain emerging markets and calls it the Polo Classic.

When the new Polo was announced, a report claimed that Volkswagen was planning a larger “Polo Plus” and a “Polo Sedan” for the US market, as the Polo was just too small a car for American tastes. The Polo Plus was to have a price tag of US$13,000 to US$15,000. Skoda’s version can be a more budget oriented version of this Polo Plus/Polo Sedan, if it is priced “around” US$13,000 as the mid price point.