Latest model from Naza: Rosomak 8X8 armoured vehicle!

Not sure about you, but this came as a surprise to me. While we know that the Naza Group does more than just sell cars (they’re involved in property, hotels and F&B for instance) I would never have imagined a tank!

According to the company’s latest press release, Naza Bumar, a subsidiary of Naza Defence, unveiled this Rosomak 8X8 Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV) at the ongoing Defence Services Asia 2010 exhibition at Putra World Trade Centre.

The Rosomak (Wolverine in Polish) is made by Bumar of Poland and is currently used by the former Eastern Bloc nation for its Land Forces in Afghanistan, Chad and Iraq, besides armies from Croatia, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa and the UAE.

The main feature of the Rosomak is its modular design, which allows the incorporation of different turrets, weapons, sensors and communications systems on the same platform. The 8×8 AMV weighs between 18 and 26 tonnes depending on armour, weapons and ammunition on board. The Rosomak is said to have very good mine protection and can withstand TNT explosions of up to 10 kgs, besides ballistic protection against 30 mm armour piercing APFSDS rounds.

Don’t expect hot hatch handling, although the Rosomak is said to have “agile mobility, combining speed, agility, and crew comfort in all kinds of terrain and adverse climatic conditions” from its hydraulic all-independent suspension. How much does it cost? Call the Ministry of Defence’s hotline number!

UPDATE: The Rosomak is powered by a Scania 12-litre diesel engine with 480 bhp and 1970 Nm of torque. It is paired to a 7-speed ZF automatic gearbox, which sends drive to all eight wheels. It can even survive in water thanks to two shrouded propellers at the rear of the hull. Max swimming speed is 10 km/h.

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