This is not a copy, they bought the rights to it. Late last year, Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corp (BAIC), China’s fifth-largest automaker paid $200 million to General Motors for three vehicle platforms and two engine technologies from Saab. This deal, which was done before the Swedish brand temporarily died and got revived, included the old 9-5 design, and BAIC’s BAW brand has a reworked version of that car ready for the Beijing Motor Show.

Called the C71 concept, BAW grafted on a new face to the Saab’s angular, distinctly three-box saloon shape. The front end, which has a pre-facelift Camry style “one-piece nose”, hi-tech looking headlamps and sculpted bumpers, looks almost too modern for the rest of the body. It looks a little disjointed to these eyes, what do you think?

But before we throw arrows at the Chinese for murdering a good design, let’s remember that the old 9-5 in its final iteration wasn’t the best looking car in town either; it had chrome surrounds for the headlights! Don’t remember? We have one waiting for you after the jump!