Volkswagen has given the Phaeton a makeover and is set to launch it at the Auto China 2010 expo. Other than the aesthetic changes, the car also gets some new equipment such as a satnav system with a 30GB hard drive that can pull Google Maps “Satellite Hybrid View” data via UMTS (3G), a camera-based main beam adjustment system called Dynamic Light Assist, and speed limit signboard recognition. The Phaeton’s recognition system can also recognize the “no overtaking” signs and this is claimed to be a first in the world feature.

Both a short wheelbase and a long wheelbase version will be available, and the rear bench can be configured to be either a 3 seater or with 2 individual seats. There will be one V6 TDI engine making 240 PS and the rest are V6, V8 and W12 petrol engines making 280 PS, 335 PS and 450 PS respectively.

The Phaeton is not sold here in Malaysia, although there are a few running around. We’re much likely to spot the A8L on the road than the new Phaeton. Look after the jump to see the new Phaeton in a hi-res gallery.

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