The battle to be the next sole F1 tyre supplier after Bridgestone pulls out at the end of this season has concluded. It has been officially confirmed that Pirelli will provide tyres to the FIA Formula One World Championship for a period of three years, starting from the 2011 season.

Pirelli has 44 F1 wins and was last on the grid in 1991. “The current economic climate has lead to a pragmatic approach and collaboration with all the teams, ensuring that the logistical and production costs will be shared equally,” it said.

The Italian tyre maker was competing with the likes of Avon and Michelin for the contract. The latter, which is preferred by some teams, decided to withdraw itself from the reckoning, opposing the sole supplier rule.

“We made proposals to improve the spectacle. Being able to maintain a positive impact on the environment while all the while controlling the costs, and of course in the context of a multi-manufacturer competition. Competition means comparing yourself with others. It’s that which allows us to work on technological ideas. We can then test innovations in competition that will end up in the tyres of tomorrow’s championship,” Michelin director Nick Shorrock told AFP.

“But the rule hasn’t changed. So we decided not to respond to the invitation to tender. Regarding 2010, nothing’s changed and there’s nothing that facilitates the return of Michelin to F1,” he added.