The Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Balboni is a special edition released by the Italian brand to celebrate test driver Valentino Balboni’s retirement after 40 years of service to the company. He has helped with the fine-tuning of cars such as the Miura, Gallardo and Murcielago. In stock form, the Balboni comes with a 542 hp 5.2-litre V10 engine that channels its power through the rear wheels.

German tuning firm Anderson (unrelated to the Man Utd player), has released a new tuning package for the Balboni. Not wanting to change a great car, they have concentrated largely on the looks along with minimal performance revisions. Why would anyone want to alter the looks of a 250-unit limited edition Lambo is anyone’s guess.

The V10 has been tuned up to produce an extra 39 hp, bringing total output to 582 hp along with an unspecified torque increase. Exterior changes include the tint of the tail lamps and the panes and three-tone rims with black, white and gold lacquering. The wheels measures in at 8.5 x 20 inch in front and 11.5 x 20 inches at the rear enveloped in high performance tyres.

The exhaust system can be adjusted with a remote controlled three-step valve control system, so you don’t have to wake the whole street up on the way home from the clubs. The interior is shod in logo emblazoned quilted leather seats with gold stitching along with quilted patterns on the door trims.

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