Did you enjoy our just concluded PETRONAS Travel Safe & Save series? If you have no idea what it is, where have you been? PETRONAS Travel Safe & Save starred our own funnyman Harvinder Singh and the lovely Julie Woon as they take “the road less traveled” and visit hidden gems scattered around Peninsular Malaysia.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the series, and the tales that Harve brings back to the office makes me want to recreate their trail. First up will be to Sungai Lembing for the noodles, and hopefully, my next beach holiday will be to Pulau Rawa instead of Phuket! Now, to find my own Julie as companion… :)

The duo drove a range of interesting cars in the ten episodes such as the Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Sonata and Chevrolet Cruze, among others, all filled with PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA. PRIMAX 95 XTRA is PETRONAS’ latest fuel, launched in April this year. Replacing the previous PRIMAX 95, the new gasoline is said to be inspired by Formula One technology and is promised to deliver superior power as well as greater kilometres per litre.

PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 XTRA contains an advanced multifunctional additive package, which includes a mix of advanced combustion improvers and friction modifiers to deliver efficient combustion and reduce internal friction. Better combustion and less friction equals to smoother running and more power from every drop.

Besides the usual demulsifier and anti-corrosion bits, PRIMAX 95 XTRA also contains a new synthetic detergent as part of the package to provide a superior cleaning edge and maintain engine cleanliness for optimum performance. The additive package offers around 10% improvement in fuel economy over a base fuel.

Our Anthony Lim, a regular RON97 user, has tried the new PRIMAX 95 XTRA back-to-back with the petrol it replaces. Read what he has to say about the fuel here. Other Petronas Primax 95 Xtra users can also share your experience here.

And to view all 10 episodes of PETRONAS Travel Safe & Save, click the box on the right side of our main page. Just look out for the kawaii pose!