Volkswagen has given its popular Volkswagen Passat CC four door coupe a mid-life facelift that revises the car’s appearance as well as adds a few new features.

We’re used to getting only one or two specs of vehicles here in Malaysia but in Europe, cars start out with very basic specs and you have to tick checkboxes to upgrade the options which increase the price of the car.

For the Passat CC, they’ve made a few options standard with the facelift, sich as bi-xenon headlamps, static cornering lights, LED tail lamps, fatigue detection. RCD 310 audio, stainless steel door sill plates, and safety head restraints with additional longitudinal adjustment for the front seats.

The facelifted Passat CC also gets new assistance systems like Side Assist Plus with integrated Lane Assist, which warns the driver of vehicles in blind spots and assists the driver in avoiding accidents by steering intervention. There’s also Dynamic Light Assist, which is automatic high beam control, and a camera-based traffic sign detection system. There’s also a new “climate seat” that has integrated massage function.

Various engines are available – we’re already familiar with the 2.0 litre TSI engine of course. In Europe, the facelifted Passat CC will come with various petrol engines ranging from a 160 PS tune up to a powerful 300 PS engine as well as a 140 PS TDI diesel engine, while in the US a different selection is available – a 200 PS TSI and a 280 PS FSI.

The new facelifted Passat CC will make its world debut at the LA Auto Show.