Well, it’s all hot like burning where Subaru’s BRZ is concerned. The Nikkei reports that its maker, Fuji Heavy Industries, swamped with orders and unable to keep up with production, is set to push back Japanese market deliveries of the vehicle to January 2013.

Production of the BRZ, developed with Toyota and twin sister to the latter’s GT 86, began last month on March 16 at Subaru’s Gunma factory in Ota-city, Japan, where the GT 86 is also being built.

The car went on sale in Japan on March 28, and delaying shipments to next year after just two weeks or so being on the market is an extremely rare situation for sports cars, which draw limited demand, the report adds.

Orders for the BRZ are now about four times as much as what Fuji Heavy had expected. The car made its ASEAN debut in Singapore earlier this month, where Danny managed to get up close and personal with it, albeit all too briefly for his liking. The Toyota 86 is set to make its way here soon too, what with pricing announced and order books opened – at this rate, Japanese 86 buyers might be set to face delivery shortages too!