Here’s a glimpse into the future for Honda – CEO Takanobu Ito has divulged the company’s product development plans through to 2015. A new Civic Type R, based on the Euro-market hatchback, is currently undergoing development for a 2015 introduction, “with the goal of becoming the fastest front-wheel drive vehicle on the Nurburgring.”

Also for Europe is an all-new Jazz, due next year. Within the two years that follow after that, Honda will release a Jazz-based small SUV (could it be inspired by the Li Nian SUV concept below?). The North American equivalents of both (called the Fit) will start production at the company’s new plant in Mexico by spring 2014.

Ito added that in addition to the next-gen NSX, a new open-top sports car will go on sale in Japan in 2014. Carscoop speculates that the rear-wheel drive EV-STER (pictured) may be its inspiration, so you may put aside your S2000 revival fantasies for now.

The production Acura RLX will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show this November, and Japan will get it in the form of the Honda Legend.

Other confirmations include the launch of an all-new fuel cell electric model for the US, Japan and Europe in 2015 and the development of lightweight one- and two-motor hybrid systems.