Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition

The Honda S2000 first made its debut in 1999 and after nearly 10 years, it’s finally going to be laid to rest. Honda has announced that production of the S2000 for all regions will halt at the end of June this year. There should be approximately 110,000 S2000s on the road around the world, if most of them aren’t totaled yet. Of that figure, 20,000 units were sold in Japan and another near-20,000 in Europe.

Honda is of course having a final go at the S2000 with this new Honda S2000 Ultimate Edition, which will be unveiled at the Geneva motorshow in March and sold until June 2009. The engine is still the 240 PS 2.0 litre 9,000rpm high revving engine powering the car’s two rear wheels. It is painted with the Grand Prix White colour which is supposed to evoke memories of Honda’s 1964 F1 car. This will be matched with a red leather interior.

This would also mean the high-revving FR Honda engine will now be in limited supply, making it harder to do modifications such as this.

Look after the jump for more shots of the S2000.

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