It looks like an “Executive Plus” spec of the Hyundai Tucson has been introduced here, quietly, with no press release. We first saw such a car in an ad, before going to Hyundai’s official website to find it listed there.

Available on both the 2.0 and 2.4 litre models, the Exec Plus spec Tucson sits between the base spec and Premium spec for the 2.0, and below the Premium on the 2.4. The 2.0 is priced at RM141,888 (RM10k more than the base spec) while the 2.4 costs RM155,888. Both are RM3k cheaper than Premium spec Tucsons.

We don’t have an official brochure of spec sheet, and this is where the ad comes in handy. The salesman describes the Tucson Exec Plus as a “minor facelift” and we do see some styling changes on the front fog light area and grille for a cleaner look, but nothing major. Click here to see the original face.

New features for the 2.0 Exec Plus include panoramic sunroof; Vehicle Stability Management that includes ESP, Hill Assist Control and Downhill Braking Control; ISOFIX child seat mounts; front passenger airbag on/off switch; headlamp levelling switch; Motor Driven Power Steering (Hyundai’s name for EPS); a touch screen head unit with Papago GPS, Bluetooth, DVD and reverse camera, rear foglamps and skid plates on both ends.

“Nappa leather” is a RM3,000 option. Click here to view the ad. Pics of the new features are below.