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Going on a road trip across Malaysia to explore new routes and try things that one has never seen or heard before sounds like a real adventure, and that’s precisely what Jaime Dempsey has done.

Dempsey’s journey is documented on History Channel’s Ride N’ Seek, which centres on the American biker’s mainstream and “off the beaten track” experiences riding across Peninsula Malaysia on her Harley-Davidson.

Her rides across the country have sought out the best and most unusual adventures. In the first season, which comprises six parts, Dempsey gets to meet local celebrities such as Alex Yoong and DJ Sarimah Ibrahim. Apart from trying out the local cultural activities and delicacies, her pursuits include an off-road adventure, carpentry, boat-building and trying out a formula car.

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Ride N’ Seek was an amazing adventure from start to finish. We selected Malaysia as the location for the first series because of its amazing history. It is also geographically blessed with everything from lush rainforests to lovely sandy beaches and mysterious mangroves,” said Chris Humphrey, director of production at AETN All Asia Networks.

Ride N’ Seek takes viewers through a tour of Peninsula Malaysia through Dempsey’s eyes as she rides through states such as Johor, Pahang, Kelantan, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Malacca. Dempsey, who is always keen to visit new places and try out new things, said that the entire road trip, which took eight months to complete, was a breeze for her.

Ride N Seek premiered on Monday, June 10 on the History Channel and its six episode run, which has been on at 10pm on channel 555 and 575 on Astro every Monday, ends tonight. As readers are already aware of, we’ve been running a History Watch & Win contest, which is also going into its final stretch. Still more prizes to be won, so keep an eye out for the final set of questions soon.