Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche has announced that it will be replacing the engines of all its 2014 911 GT3s – the automaker is undertaking this corrective action after two engine fires involved the car last month. The company recalled the vehicle earlier and had advised owners to cease using their rides.

Turns out that faulty fasteners are the cause of the issue. Analysis revealed that engine damage resulted from a loosened screw joint on the connecting rod – the loose connecting rod damaged the crankcase that in both fire cases led to a leakage of oil, which then ignited.

New engines with optimised screw fittings will replace the units on the existing cars. The exercise is likely to take some time – a total of 785 fifth-gen GT3s are affected. The current GT of course has dropped the beloved Metzger unit of old and switched over to a heavily-tuned version of the standard Carrera S’ direct fuel injection 3.8 litre flat six.