2013_Toyota_Vios_fuel_test 003

You’ve probably heard or seen it all before – homemade, unscientific tests to compare different fuel brands (such as filling them in plastic bottles, seeing how long they burn), the long-standing rumour that that you should always fuel up in the morning, etc. Are any of these myths true?

Well, here’s your chance to find out the difference between myths and facts, as we at paultan.org will be hosting exclusive interview sessions with experts from Petronas. So if you have any questions regarding fuel, automotive lubricants or even fuel technology in general, now’s the time to ask away.

Your questions can range from simple concerns (i.e. are all fuels available in Malaysia the same? Should I use RON 95 or RON 97?) to intricate technical subjects (i.e. how can fuel/lubricant affect my car’s efficiency? Does fuelling up in the morning give me more fuel?). Clear or complex, we’ll get the experts to answer them.

Submit your queries in the embedded form below. And yes, we’re pretty sure the experts will be happy to clear the air regarding the recent “rounding-up” issue too. :)