Geneco Bio-Bus

Something different, but it’s not as shitty as it sounds, even if the topic does involve excrement. The bus you see in the pix is called the Bio-Bus, and it’s the UK’s first public transporter to be powered by human poop and food waste, or rather the biomethane gas generated through the treatment of sewage and waste.

The Bio-Bus is operated by the Bath Bus Company and will ply the A4 service from Bath to Bristol Airport via South Bristol, and the 40-seater Scania – which has livery that is unmissable – can travel up to 300 km on a full tank of gas.

The biomethane is generated – through a process known as anaerobic digestion – at the Bristol sewage treatment works, which is run by a company called GENeco. The higher quality gas produced at the plant is injected into the national gas grid network (a first in the country, so it goes), while that which is unfit for human consumption is used to power the bus.

A full tank of gas takes the annual waste of around five people to produce. Given that the Bristol sewage treatment works processes around 75 million cubic metres of sewage waste and 35,000 tonnes of food waste a year (and generates around 17 million cubic metres of biomethane as a result of this), there should be no shortage of fuel to power the Bio-Bus. Brings a new spin to the term of not letting anything go to waste…