Let’s be honest. If you’re a rally fan, and if your idea of fun is being as close as you can to the action, then well, you better know the possible dangers that can happen. Like this video above.

Luckily for this crowd of fans at Poland’s Rally Rzeszowski, they all lived to tell the tale of an out of control Renault Clio rally car that barely missed them. Rally driver Lukasz Byskiniewicz lost it in a big way, and was careening into a spectator area just off the rally course.

Watching the whole scene unfold in slow motion can be a bit nerve wracking, as most fans drifted off to the left to flee from the oncoming vehicle, a man is seen trying to yank a small boy who felt like following the crowd. Thankfully, the man managed to pull the boy away in the nick of time.

So, you heard it here first, being a spectator at a rally event is dangerous business, so be sure to have lightning reflexes to bolt at the first sign of any untoward scenario unfolding. In the meantime, just try to catch it on the idiot box. It’s much safer that way.