It looks like the polarising Hyundai Veloster isn’t getting quite the enthusiastic response its South Korean manufacturer is hoping for, and – in Europe at least – won’t receive a successor, according to Dutch website

Hyundai Motor Europe’s product management head Raf Van Nuffel confirmed in an interview that while the four-door (two on the driver’s side, one on the passenger’s side, one tailgate) hatch will survive into its second generation in the United States, it won’t make the plane to the Continent, as it would not be able to justify having such a specialised car for such a small niche.

Van Nuffel added that he was not sure what form the next Veloster will look like – whether it will keep its controversial profile and format, morph into a more conventional two-door coupé (as is popular in the US), or even adopt the mid-engined layout Hyundai has experimented through the Veloster Midship and not-at-all-cheap RM15 concepts.

In other news, Hyundai has reportedly confirmed that the new Toyota Prius-fighting AE hybrid would go on sale as early as next year – it’s expected to utilise a 1.6 litre four-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack larger than the one found in the Sonata Plug-in Hybrid. A pure electric variant is also expected to be on the cards.

Lastly, the Vision G Coupe Concept seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week is said to be slated for production as a Genesis-badged two-door within the next three years, and should replace the current Genesis Coupe.

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