Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2-02

Stephan Winkelmann is set to take over as head of Audi’s quattro GmBH performance division. That said, the current president and CEO of Lamborghini has maintained that turbocharged engines will not be put into play for now, he told Autocar UK in an interview.

“Going to turbos is about reducing CO2, not improving air quality. We can clean our exhaust with after-treatment. So we can go for a while yet. We think buyers see the sound and response as one of our USPs, but we’re not glued to naturally-aspirated engines. If we have to change, we will,” he noted.

Earlier last year, Winkelmann rationalised that naturally-aspirated mills were still the way to go for supercars. “Naturally-aspirated engines are still the best engines for super sports cars, in terms of acceleration, in terms of sound, and unless there is something better, we are going to keep them,” he said previously.

Meanwhile, as for its exceptional increase in the sales of Lamborghini cars, Winkelmann said that the Lamborghini Aventador and the Huracan were key contributors to this surge. “We increased by nearly 25% last year,” the CEO highlighted.

Meanwhile, Winkelmann also stated that the Lamborghini Urus SUV will be launched by 2018. “We might show it about a year before, some time in 2017,” he said, adding that one of the major challenges was to ensure that the SUV carries Lamborghini’s DNA. “We have to make certain it connects with our existing products,” he concluded.