Tesla e-Bike concept motorcycle 2

Italian designer Antonio Serrano has put up a set of renderings, playing a “what-if?” game of Tesla manufacturing an electric motorcycle. This design concept would be made out of carbon fiber, aluminium, and high-strength plastic for lightness and strength.

Dubbed the “Tesla e-Bike” by Serrano, the concept calls for hub-center steering, an engineering design last seen in public on the Bimota Tesi and Yamaha GTS 1000 over 20 years ago. An OLED dashboard display shows all essential information required in a high-tech, minimalistic fashion.

“Tesla e-Bike is a conceptual project based on a vision what if Tesla Motors manufactured an electric motorcycle. Just like Tesla principles, this e-bike is high-tech, fast, efficient, and ecological,” says Serrano. No word on whether Elon Musk might be interested in this other-worldy design, but it certainly looks sleek and efficient.

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