Here’s an early look at what is believed to be the new Mercedes-Maybach E-Class. Yes, the model we’ve seen in a video last time around is back once more in a fresh set of spyshots. Unfortunately, the car is just as covered up as we’ve seen it before, but let’s take another swing at digesting what we’ve got here, apart from the obviously longer wheelbase and body.

From the front, it appears that this version of the E-Class features a signature Maybach front grille with three horizontal twin-lourves, similar to the one seen on the X222 Maybach S-Class. Apart from the X222, the only other models to feature this style of grille are the V12-powered versions of the S-Class, and the monster VV222 Pullman.


Although, before reading too much into this, do remember that the coming S-Class facelift that was spied recently has also seemingly picked up the trend. Nevertheless, the evidence of this being a Maybach E-Class doesn’t end there.

If you look closely at the position of the rear door handles with regard to the position of the rear wheels, you may notice that it is much further forwards compared to how it is on the regular W213 E-Class – even the door itself is shaped differently. In fact, this arrangement doesn’t even appear on the larger W222 S-Class. Where have we seen this before, you ask? A quick look at the position of the X222 Maybach’s doors is where you’ll find your answer — albeit in a slightly more exaggerated manner.

Another item worth pointing out in these photos are the size of the rear windows themselves. For one, they are much longer than those on the regular W213 E-Class, and the pillar next to the rear quarter glass is distinctly thicker than usual – yet another item unique to the Maybach S-Class.

Based on these observations, we can’t help but think that this is actually a Mercedes-Maybach E-Class and not a traditional long-wheelbase version of the W213 – that was more plainly an elongated version of the regular sedan. Could this be the X213 Maybach E-Class? We sure think so.