Malaysia is said to be an important market for luxury car brand Rolls-Royce and to add to that, the company is set to target young Malaysian buyers, Bernama reports.

According to regional director for Asia Pacific, Paul Harris, Malaysia meets the all plans and expectations set by the company despite the economic situation. He noted that there continues to be significant demand especially for its latest models in Malaysia, which are targeted at the younger generation.

“For Malaysia, the underlying fundamental is that it has a big population with a lot of wealth, so that has not really changed. For us, the Malaysian market still wins,” Harris said at the 2016 Bangkok International Motor Show. Rolls-Royce’s used car programme is seeing strong demand from local customers, according to him.

Although it only has two showrooms in Malaysia – one for new cars and the other for used cars (with warranty) – Harris said that the company has been very active in seeking out new customers. “We are really active all over the country, from Melaka to Penang, we basically go where the clients are, in Sabah and all over the place, wherever the rich are,” he said.

Harris also revealed that the Rolls-Royce Dawn will be coming into Malaysia in the months to come. The Ghost-based convertible, which made its debut late last year, is said to be a model of interest among Malaysians. According to Rolls-Royce regional sales manager of South Asia, J. Ritter, Asia has been the most important market for the brand. The region saw a 13% growth in sales last year.

GALLERY: Rolls-Royce Dawn