In a bid to have a more global, broader outlook, the Volkswagen Group says it will be restructuring aspects in how its management culture is developed. The automaker says that it is aiming to have managers with a wider experience profile and also bring more women to the forefront of management.

The idea behind this, the company says, is to foster a more international outlook, diversity and a change of perspective. “Digitalisation, connectivity and e-mobility will fundamentally change our industry. This is why we are realigning our management culture in good time,” said Karlheinz Blessing, member of the board of management of Volkswagen responsible for HR.

Citing that diversity and international experience will be more important for management than ever before, Blessing explained that the company will take international assignments and experience in different markets and business areas into consideration in future appointments. In the next five years, up to the end of 2021, the criteria will merely be taken as a guideline, but will then become a requisite.

Blessing also stated that English was set to be employed as the official communication language for the Group. “This will improve access to the top management level for international top performers and cooperation among top managers. As a globally positioned group, we need the best people in the world,” he stated.