Malaysian police are searching for the driver of a Perodua Myvi, who had deliberately blocked the path of an ambulance while driving on the Federal Highway recently.

On January 25, Muhammad Ardan, a registered nurse, uploaded a dashcam video recording of the incident on Facebook, which was taken from inside an ambulance. In the video, the driver of the Myvi is clearly seen misusing the emergency lane, and refusing to give way to the emergency service vehicle, despite the blaring sirens.

At the 1:20 mark, the Myvi driver is seen almost causing a crash, when he or she suddenly made a lane change back into the emergency lane, forcing the ambulance to brake heavily.

In a report by NST, Selangor police chief Datuk Seri Abdul Samah Mat advised the driver to turn him or herself in as soon as possible. “We are investigating the case. Police will trace the identity of the driver and call him or her up, to facilitate our probe. I urge this driver to come forward voluntarily,” he said.