It has begun – BMW Malaysia has started teasing the new G30 BMW 5 Series ahead of its launch tomorrow. So far, the company has released two images, the first being a typical shot of the car’s Hofmeister kink.

But it’s the second photo that piques our interest – it shows the smartphone-like Display Key, which features a touchscreen that shows various vehicle information. The key comes as standard with the 7 Series in Malaysia, but its inclusion as part of the 5 Series’ kit list for the local market is surprising, considering that even the RM1.2 million i8 sports car doesn’t come with it.

Beyond the key, it’s unclear what level of kit the G30 will come with. In other markets, the executive sedan is available with a host of new technologies, including an arsenal of semi-autonomous driving functions, Remote Parking, Remote View 3D, wireless smartphone charging and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, although, as usual, don’t expect many of these options to be found on our cars.

At launch, expect the range to consist of 520d and 530i models, with the possible addition of the 540i as a limited-run range-topping variant. A lower-powered 520i should also feature when the inevitable locally-assembled (CKD) models arrive – propelled by a detuned version of the 530i’s 2.0 litre mill – as well as the 530e plug-in hybrid to take advantage of tax breaks for CKD hybrids and electric vehicles.

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