Italian racing car chassis manufacturer Dallara has made a name for itself in various single-seater series, including the premier Formula 1 and IndyCar circles. Now, it appears the motorsport specialist has turned its attention to developing a road car, tipped for an official debut at the end of this year.

Dallara’s currently-unnamed road car cuts a racer-like silhouette, as a low-slung nose and a bubble cockpit is draped over the classic rear-mid engined drivetrain layout. Power is said to come from a 2.3 litre, turbocharged four-cylinder engine with up to 400 hp on the cards – this could well be Ford’s EcoBoost engine which serves in the Focus RS and the Mustang EcoBoost.

Aerodynamic aids feature prominently on the Dallara road car, where a deep chin spoiler resides in front and a very large rear wing does the downforce deed together with an equally prominent diffuser at the back of the car. Even the windscreen wiper takes a cue from Le Mans racers, with its vertical standby position.

With serious consideration for high-speed cornering courtesy of the resulting downforce, the rest of the car’s construction follows suit. A target weight of 800 kg – around the same as a first-generation Lotus Elise – has been set for the upcoming road car, said company founder Giampaola Dallara.

Dallara plans to produce the road car at a rate of 120 units a year, and where competition is concerned, it is said to be priced higher than the KTM X-Bow, a lightweight, carbon-fibre intensive two-seater which Dallara also had a hand in refining.