The upcoming Mazda CX-8 will be a model that is exclusive to Japan, according to a report by CarAdvice. In late April, the Japanese carmaker released an interior image of the three-row SUV, which will be positioned above the CX-5 in its home market.

“CX-8 is being produced in Japan for the Japanese market only, very much like the CX-4 which is aimed at China only. There are no plans to introduce these SUVs to the Australian market,” said Vinesh Bhindi, managing director of Mazda Australia.

“We have the five-seat CX-3 and CX-5, and the seven-seat CX-9 alternative, which are all performing strongly. These three models give Mazda a very good SUV coverage in Australia,” he added.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a three-row Mazda SUV in Malaysia, the CX-9, which shares the same 2,930 mm wheelbase as the CX-8 albeit being longer (5,075 mm), is your best bet.

In light of the above revelation, the second-generation CX-5, said to arrive on our shores by September or October this year, should continue to be offered as a two-row SUV.

It will compete against the fifth-generation Honda CR-V that has already made its debut in Thailand and Indonesia as a seven-seat model. Whether we will receive the three-row version remains to be seen, despite the model being spotted in Malaysia back in March.