Some really interesting vehicles have come about via Lego’s Speed Champions (Ford GT, McLaren 720S), Creator (VW Beetle, Mini Cooper) and Technic series (Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Unimog U400), and there’s a possibility that the one you see here could join the fray one day.

The E30 BMW M3 in the photos isn’t a series model yet, meaning you can’t go out and purchase one, but if there’s enough demand voiced for it, that could change.

The cars in the photos are the brainchild of a chap called Dany87, the creations posted on Lego Ideas in a bid to gather support to make the project a reality. He came up with three versions of the M3, in black, yellow and red, with the last one having a more Lego-like look, complete with studs on the body.

He adds that aside from opening doors, bonnet and trunk lid, the cars feature hinged front seats and an easily removable engine. They also come with a detailed dashboard, dressed with decals to give the models added realism, a gearshift lever and a BMW logo on the steering wheel.

Pretty novel, and if enough people vote for it on the website, a production Lego BMW M3 might come to be. Actually, there are lots of interesting creations on the site, with recent vehicular designs being placed for consideration including an Ariel Atom and an Austin Healey.