April hasn’t been particularly kind to the Malaysian automotive industry, if vehicle sales data released by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) is any indication. In total, 42,746 vehicles were registered last month, some 10,971 units down from the 53,717 units moved in March, a decrease of 20.4%.

Those are not a great set of numbers by any means, especially when you consider that last month’s sales were just 544 units higher than a rather bleak April the year before. That’s still not quite enough to upset the apple cart, however, what with year-to-date sales of 183,583 units remaining nearly 6% up compared to the same period in 2016.

Perodua was among those hardest hit by the sluggish month – although it still led the market, sales fell a whopping 26.1% from a frankly staggering 19,459 units in March to 14,378 units. Second place Honda saw an even bigger 33.8% drop from 10,994 units to 7,283 units, while Toyota’s much smaller 5.6% decrease enabled it to retain third place by a whisker, ending the month with 5,818 units in its name.

Proton also suffered a similarly minor dip in sales, dropping 7.5% to 5,616 units. Then it’s a big gap to fifth-placer Nissan, sales of which fell 17.7% to 2,160 units. In the luxury brand stakes, BMW is back on top with sales having increased 5.9% to 900 units – likely buoyed by the launch of the new G30 5 Series. This appears to have been at the expense of Mercedes-Benz’s sales, which fell 37.6% to 721 units.

Elsewhere on the list, it was a strong month for Mazda (+20.8%), Audi (+19.6%), Peugeot (+17.8%), Subaru (+17.4%) and Lexus (+15.1%), while on the flip side it’s bad news for Mitsubishi (-63%) and Volvo (-43.8%).

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