We are often told to be aware of our surroundings before attempting to cross the road safely, which involves looking to our right and left to make sure there are no moving vehicles. This incident in Bandar Puteri Puchong is a reminder of why.

In the incident, which was recorded with a dashcam recorder, a pedestrian is seen attempting to cross a road packed with cars before being hit by a motorcycle. In the moments before that however, the pedestrian did not check for any moving vehicles coming from her right, instead looking to the left (likely to see if the traffic light up ahead has turned green).

On a related matter, pedestrians should always look to use an overhead bridge/zebra crossing when attempting to cross a busy road. At times, motorcyclists navigating between stopped cars may not be aware or be unable to stop in time should a random pedestrian pop out from between cars. Stay safe on the roads, everyone.