After a well publicised meltdown involving spending investors’ money – some 24 million USD (RM100 million) – on such necessary technical development items like Dodge Vipers, a Lamborghini rental and a “research” visit to a strip club, many thought the promise of an augmented techonology helmet with heads up display (HUD) from Skully was gone. This has now changed, with news emerging that the Skully AR1 helmet might still make a return.

With the purchase of the assets of the bankrupt Skully, Inc. by Ivan and Rafael Contreras, co-founders of the original company, a new entity has emerged called Skully Technologies, and the goal of actually bringing the Skully HUD helmet to market. While many feel cheated by the disappearance of their Kickstarter funds, Contreras has said, “we recognize that hundreds of Skully helmet enthusiasts around the world have contributed to this product and were understandably disappointed that they never received one. We are determined to make this right.”

It remains to be seen whether this promise will be fulfilled, but after displaying some prototypes and the testing of a pre-production model on the previous Skully website, it could be surmised that it is now a matter of picking up the pieces, and getting their act together.

Meanwhile, Japanese designer Arata Oono, founder and CEO of Borderless has come up with the CrossHelmet X1, a tech-driven helmet that offers volume control on smart devices, a rear-view camera, twin HUDs, and smartphone/Bluetooth connectivity. Having previously had a hand in the design of the Yamaha MT-09, Oono has launched a Kickstarter campaign on September 12, and has met the goal of raising 190,000 USD (RM796,000) for the 1,799 USD (RM7,536) helmet.

For early adopters of the CrossHelmet X1, there are still some places for early adopters to obtain this tech helmet at a special price of 1,399 USD (RM5,861). Hurry though, as a quick check of Borderless’ Kickstarter page shows the amount being raised is still rising, and places are limited.

As for BMW Motorrad’s Connect Ride helmet, not a lot has been heard from the boys in Munich, save a statement that the helmet would be put into production “in the medium term”. The initial concept for Connect Ride, was shown in 2011, but it was found to be slow, and rather clumsy.

In January 2016, pictures of a prototype were shown a the Consumer Electronics Show in the US, along with a video displaying the helmet’s capabilities. Since then, all has gone quiet, though the EICMA show in Italy this year might show some developments.

What do you think, dear reader? Are HUD helmets a boon or a bane to the motorcycle rider? Will it help in road awareness and safety? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions, below.