Honda has given its Sports EV Concept its world debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The study is a two-door coupe based along electric lines, combining EV performance with artificial intelligence.

It sits on the same dedicated EV platform used for the Urban EV Concept that debuted in Frankfurt, but is a very different proposition, of course. This one is a full-on sports car, and so has a much lower centre of gravity.

The vehicle, touted as the spiritual successor to the S2000, features a low and wide stance, which the company says represents the “beautility” (yes, that’s the term used) of a sports car. It’s certainly an attractive shape, even if some of the lines are familiar.

Beyond the design, the idea is to provide a vehicle that will offer the joy of driving at the will of the driver, in a package offering a sporty, exhilarating performance.How these lofty aims will be achieved hasn’t been outlined, nor for that matter have any technical details been volunteered.

Unlike the Urban EV Concept, which is expected to become a series reality sometime in 2019, the company isn’t saying if the Sports EV Concept will be made into a production version, but we’re thinking it will, possibly a couple of years after the electric hatchback comes about. Honda sports car fans will undoubtedly be keeping their fingers crossed.