Pick-up trucks tend to lend themselves well to customisation, be they mechanical or aesthetic, and here Carlex Design has offered not just one, but two takes on its rendition of a customised Mercedes-Benz X-Class pick-up. Prior to this, the X-Class had also received the bodykit treatment, Carlex Design had also turned its hand to customising the Toyota Hilux.

Here on the X-Class, each customisation package will be offered for up to 999 units each for a total run of 1,998 units. The first package is dubbed Exy Off-Road and as the name suggests, beefs up exterior equipment for off-the-pavement usage. This includes an exterior wrap, body kit, plastic cladding, fender extensions, chunkier tyres and raised suspension.

Black leather upholstery is employed on the inside, where leather trim is joined by glossy accents and carbon-fibre trim along with ‘Exy’ embroidery on the seats and a Carlex Design logo on the dashboard. The Exy Off-Road package will cost the buyer upwards of 13,995 euros (RM67,363).

Next up is the Urban package, which as the name suggests, is for the tarmac-based pick-up driver. This offers a body kit which is unique from that on the Exy Off-Road, and boasts a few motorsport style flourishes such as carbon-fibre inserts, a tarmac-biased wheel-and tyre combination as well as lowered suspension. Fender extensions also feature here.

Fear not if you feel the Urban kit exterior is relatively subdued compared to the Exy Off-Road’s, for inside the Urban kit-equipped X-Class is a more flamboyant interior. Red leather upholstery is paired with contrasting white piping, while the front seats are now leather-trimmed semi-bucket items. As with the Exy Off-Road, the Urban also gets carbon-fibre trim, glossy inserts and Carlex Design logos inside.

The Urban package will set customers back to the tune of 16,995 euros (RM81,812), a fair chunk pricier than the Exy Off-Road package. This will be in addition to the a unit of the X-Class itself, which starts from 37,295 euros (RM179,530) in its native Germany as a basic model. Worth the coin, dear readers?

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