The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) and Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) have jointly appointed Adibah Noor as the ambassador for the ‘Play Your Role’ campaign, which is aimed at educating consumers on the liberalisation of motor insurance in the country.

“We decided on Adibah Noor because she is able to reach out to all Malaysians and transcends age, gender, race and social status. She has the ability to convey messages and taglines with ease to a broad spectrum of audiences,” said Antony Lee, chairman of PIAM.

“We are confident that she is the ideal person to speak on the important topic of road safety and promoting good driving habits in Malaysia. She will add a unique personal touch to this campaign. Our ultimate objective is to ensure Malaysian roads are safer with less traffic accidents and road fatalities,” he added.

The campaign will feature television commercials, print and online ads, social media engagement, public relations and on-ground activations, all starring the renowned actress, comedian and singer. Its launch is timely given the upcoming balik kampung exodus ahead of the Hari Raya festivities, and will run through the whole of 2018.

“I am so happy to play my role in this initiative. Motor insurance is basically a coverage that we have been buying without much thought. The time has now come for us to make a difference and play our role as a responsible car owner and a safe driver. It is heartening to note that we will be able to reach out to the segment that most deserves our attention,” said Adibah Noor.

According to Lee, the campaign focuses on three key pillars, with the first promoting safe driving (i.e. no mobile phone usage while behind the wheel). The second touches on responsible car ownership with proper and periodical vehicle maintenance.

Being a safer driver and responsible car owner can help contribute to a better risk profile, which is an important element taken into account when calculating premium payments in the phased liberalisation exercise.

The final key point encourages consumers to be smart and informed when choosing their desired motor insurance products. PIAM’s Motor Product Selector serves to support this initiative by providing an online platform where customers can easily obtain quotations from insurers based on their coverage needs. As of May 2, 2018, 33 new motor insurance products have been launched.

This consumer education campaign supports the governments’ initiative to make Malaysian roads safer, and PIAM is aiming to reduce national road accidents by 20% for 2018 and 50% from 2020 onwards. “Motor insurers currently pay out RM14.7 million per day in claims for property damage, bodily injury and vehicle theft. This is a staggering amount and cannot be sustained going forward,” added Mark Lim, CEO of PIAM.