BMW Group Malaysia has introduced #SafetyStartsWithYou, a series of public service announcement (PSA) videos directed by BMW Shorties Finalist Mallory Lee, as part of the its annual BMW Safety 360º Program.

Featuring children between the ages of four to nine years old, the series serves as a reminder to adults to be safe on the roads, highlighting some of the most basic road rules, etiquette and practices that are often overlooked or ignored. The series includes five 30-second videos promoting the use of seat belts and child seats, indicators, as well as adhering to traffic lights, the speed limit and not using phones while driving.

“Road safety and responsibility on the road should be approached from the complete view of technology, behaviour and action. While we as a premium automaker continuously design and introduce new safety technology to significantly enhance road safety for all road users, it is also important for us to be reminded that safety starts with you. Your behaviour and action on the road can significantly reduce you and your children’s risks for road accidents,” said Harald Hoelzl, MD and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia.

“With this video series, we hope parents and adults in general will see that if our children understand basic road rules and sign, as well as safe driving behaviour, we as adults should reflect on our own actions which impact road safety,” he added.

According to statistics, in 2016, 7,152 people died in road accidents in Malaysia, 80.6% of which were caused by human error. According to transport minister Anthony Loke, a total of 6,740 road fatalities were registered in 2017. While this shows that road fatalities have gone down slightly, the number of road accidents registered last year increased by 2.4% to 533,875.

Harald added that a 2013 World Health Organization report put Malaysia third highest globally for road-related deaths. “These staggering facts should not be viewed as just figures. We should reflect on these findings and ask ourselves whether we contribute to these statistics, consider what we’re doing wrong on the road, and consciously remind ourselves every day to be better drivers, passengers and pedestrians,” he said.

The #SafetyStartsWithYou series was directed by Mallory Lee, who directed the winning short film for BMW Shorties 2017 People’s Choice Award, “Gold! There’s Gold in the River”. Mallory was also a BMW Shorties Finalist in 2014 with “A Gift” and a nominee for several BMW Shorties 2014 supporting awards with the short film “Hello Angel”.