Renault and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have signed an official partnership, linking the two organisations for the next three seasons.

PSG, which has the likes of World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe and Brazil’s Neymar on its books, will together with Renault develop large-scale, global advertising and promotional campaigns. The alliance will also have a digital focus – an area where both showcase strong creativity.

The Ligue 1 club is looking forward to surprising its 60 million social media followers with even more engaging online content as a result of the partnership, it says. Their first shot, which is the image above, isn’t one that’s on target, though.

“We are delighted that Renault has chosen PSG to mark its entry into football and are proud to associate our club with one of the stalwarts of French industry. Renault will occupy an important position within our overall partnership programme. We are eager to begin working together, starting this season, and to see our players featuring in Renault’s famous ‘French Touch’ campaigns,” said Marc Armstrong, PSG’s director of sponsorship.

“We are delighted to associate the Renault brand with that of PSG, which contributes to the influence of Paris and France in the world. This major partnership offers us many opportunities, both in France and internationally, that will benefit our customers and our sales networks,” said Philippe Buros, commercial director at Renault France.

Unlike Chevrolet for Manchester United and Hyundai for Lyon, Renault isn’t PSG’s main shirt sponsor, which means that the dark blue shirts of the French champions will continue to have ‘Fly Emirates’ on them.