At first glance, this primer grey-finished Aston Martin Vantage appears to be a standard production model, and on the visual front it is all but identical to that car. A closer look, however, reveals a minor change at the rear of the car, specifically around the exhausts; the development vehicle here employs quad exhaust outlets instead of the production car’s twin units.

This can surely mean a more potent powerplant under the bonnet of the Vantage, which, given the expected Vantage S moniker, is a certainty. Its exterior appears identical to that of the current production Vantage; here, the Vantage S development car’s front grille surround, side skirts, rear bumper surround and rear diffuser appear to be made from carbon-fibre.

The 4.0 litre biturbo V8 engine supplied by Mercedes-AMG is once again expected here, albeit in a more enthusiastic state of tune to take it beyond the 510 PS and 685 Nm output figures of the current Vantage; the forthcoming Vantage S is rumoured to bring at least 550 PS to the table. It’s yet to be seen if this iteration will be the one to bring the anticipated manual gearbox, but in any case the eight-speed auto will stay in the mix.

Interior details are most likely to stay the same, given that the Vantage was introduced at the end of last year. This also means that there is plenty of time for more versions of the Vantage to be introduced, in both V8 as well as V12 forms, the latter likely to use a version of the 5.2 litre twelve-pot from the DB11 AMR. The more potent Aston Martin Vantage S could make its debut later this year.