Alongside the Myvi GT, X-Concept and a sneak peek of the company’s NUS, Perodua also showcased a hybrid system at the ongoing Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS 2018). The system is based on Daihatsu technology, but the national carmaker didn’t reveal if this system will be used in any upcoming models.

However, it did state that the technology is “compatible with existing Perodua Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) features such as Pre-Collision Warning and Braking.” Currently, the Myvi is the only model in the company’s line-up that is offered with said safety and driver assist suite of systems, so one could speculate that a hybrid Myvi is possible (take it with a huge amount of salt).

For now, Perodua hasn’t released any details about the system, including the engine capacity and fuel type, transmission type, size and output of the electric motor, and battery capacity. This is purely a showcase of a possible technology that could be implemented later on.

In terms of mechanics, the system is reminiscent of most hybrids, whereby an internal combustion engine and/or an electric motor drive(s) the wheels, depending on the operating mode.

By default, the system runs on pure electricity, drawing power from a battery pack. If more power is needed, the engine kicks into action, and also doubles as a generator to charge the battery. Alternatively, the battery can also be charged via regenerative braking.

The platform also supports connected services, whereby the car can set an appointment for scheduled maintenance when it approaches a certain mileage or deadline. This is in conjunction with the above-mentioned safety and driver assist systems.