The Blue Oval has plans for a more affordable pick-up truck to slot in beneath the best-selling Ranger in its line-up, along with battery-electric versions of its F-series line of trucks, Ford president of global markets Jim Farley was quoted by Automotive News as saying.

The American company is “investing in more affordable versions of (the company’s) truck business,” and that there will be new nameplates “below where we compete today,” Farley said at a conference in Detroit. One of these models is likely to be a Focus-based, transverse-layout chassis model possibly adopting the Courier nameplate.

Ford will also be electrifying the F-series range of trucks, both battery-electric and hybrid, Farley said, though without specifying if the move would include an electric F-150, Super Duty or both. However, this plan is slated to include a hybrid F-150 by the end of the decade, according to the report.

The report adds that the company has dedicated 90% of its capital allocation to trucks, which is up from 64% in its previous five-year business plan. As of last year, Ford has removed all sedans from its North American product line-up, leaving trucks and SUVs.

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