The transport ministry says the new window tint regulations have not been introduced solely to generate revenue for the government, The Star reports. According to transport minister Anthony Loke, the new guidelines – which includes the removal of the 30% minimum visible light transmission (VLT) cap for rear windscreen and rear windows – are also aimed at providing all motorists with the convenience of darker rear windows (and hence, cooler vehicles).

He said despite there being revenue involved, this was only for darkening a vehicle completely, and not every application will result in approval. Individuals can apply to reduce the VLT percentage of the front windscreen and front side windows below the regulated 70% and 50% level respectively for security and health reasons, but will have to pay a RM5,000 fee for a two-year permit if approval is granted.

“Anyone can apply, but that does not mean that those able to afford the RM5,000 charge will get their applications approved. We will assess what kind of risk the person has,” he said. Loke was responding to his predecessor Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai’s views that the RM5,000 charge seemed to be “only looking at the revenue side.”

Loke said a committee had been set up to approve these applications and this will ensure there was no abuse in power by the transport minister or the road transport department (JPJ) director-general.

“There will be a committee and processes (to follow) particularly, to filter out those with criminal records. I have surrendered my power to this committee,” he said. Loke had previously said that the government projects that the annual income from fees will be worth around RM6 million annually. Read all about the new guidelines here.